Trail Ride Safety

How We Keep You Safe During Trail Rides

It’s no secret that horses are large, powerful animals. So, naturally, safety should always be a #1 priority when you’re riding. When choosing a facility for your guided trail ride you will want to make sure that the rides are run by experienced professionals who have your safety as as a top priority. 
Here at Happy On Hooves, we take your safety very seriously. We’ve designed our trail rides to keep all of our guests safe and happy so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your trail ride with your friends and family. Here’s how we keep you safe.

Quality Trail Horses
It takes a special kind of horse to be trusted with the care of a first-time rider out on the trails. Our trail horses are carefully evaluated and trained so that they’re fit for the task at hand. By working closely with our horses we’ve gained an excellent understanding of their personalities and temperaments. 
All of our trail horses have had prior careers which have exposed them to different sights and sounds, enabling them to handle surprises without fault. Thanks to the careful training and evaluation, our horses are well prepared to take care of any rider on the trail.

Quality Equipment
You never want your tack – your horse’s saddle and bridle – to fail you while you’re out riding, so we outfit all of our horses with quality equipment. We only use the best tack to ensure quality and comfort. Our saddles include amenities such as cushioned seat pads and coozies. We pay close attention to the equipment we choose in addition to frequent cleaning, condition checks, and replacement when necessary. When it comes to equipment, we don’t cut corners. 

A Lesson on the Basics
Before you head out on the trails, your guide will give everyone in your party a lesson on the basics of riding. You will learn how to mount your horse and properly sit in the saddle while holding the reins. You’ll also learn how to steer, stop, and cue your horse to move forward using hand, leg and voice signals. Once you’re comfortable with these basics, you’ll have the ability to communicate more effectively with your horse out on the trail. Don’t worry if you feel pressured with this responsibility – your horse will naturally follow the horse in front of him, so you won’t have to work too much during the ride. 

Groomed Trails
The trails that we travel are well-groomed and prepared for horses to travel. Every morning before rides begin a qualified guide will walk the trail to ensure they are safe for our riders and animals. In addition, we ride on these trails consitently to ensure the pathway remains clear and safe. By heading out on trails that the horses are familiar with, we know that we’ll be taking you out into a safe situation where we know what the footing and terrain will be like.

Skilled Trail Guides
our party will be escorted by a skilled trail guide who has been riding for years. Our trail guides are great with horses and love taking guests out. If you have questions about horses or your ride, your trail guide can answer them. All of our trail guides are focused on keeping everyone safe during the ride, while also having plenty of fun.

Weather Considerations
Our team constantly monitors the local weather, and will reschedule trail rides when the weather poses any risk. Getting caught out in the woods during a thunderstorm is a situation that we never want to encounter, so for your safety, we may reschedule your ride if rain or high winds are forecasted. We will always try to reschedule a ride for a day with better weather.

​If you’re looking for guided trail rides, make sure that you will be riding at a safe and reputable location. We would love to have you come ride with us at Happy On Hooves! We go over some tricks and tips on horses and riding in the articles below, so keep reading. 

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