Happy Hearts On Hooves





It’s already a new year, which heralds that Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching. Red hearts. Chocolates. Flowers. These have all become images synonymous with Valentine’s Day, visible reminders of love and romance. Yet, people tend to forget romance is more than just quiet dinners, it’s exciting (that’s even in the definition). Romance doesn’t just have to be a box of chocolates, dinner, and a movie once a year. Why not take a break from the usual Valentine’s Day tradition by taking your loved one on a romantic horseback ride? 



Like Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays, Valentine’s has become heavily commercialized. This is great for getting everyone swept up in the season, but it can sometimes limit originality and spontaneity. People fall into usual patterns and don’t explore new things, create new memories. While the core of Valentine’s Day is the celebration of relationships, it’s also a time to reflect on the memories loved ones shared together. If you think of Valentine’s as an opportunity to begin building positive memories right at the start of a new year, you’ll find both you and your significant other will get more out of it. One way to do this is by engaging in something new, an activity that takes you out of the norm and marks this Valentine’s Day as unique. It’s that kind of romantic experience we want our Valentine’s Day rides to provide.



If you’re trying to be original, inviting your sweetheart on a horseback stroll will probably get you points for creativity. It’s certainly unique, and let’s be honest, not many people would even think of a trail ride as a Valentine’s Day festivity - but why shouldn’t it be? Horsemanship itself nods to knighthood and chivalry. Chivalric values not only survive in literature and folklore, but also in modern ideals of courtship. There’s a reason why ladies like a knight in shining armor. Everything from romantic poetry to holding a door open for a lady can be traced back to the chivalric code that mounted knights were supposed to embody.



Imagery aside though, this is an activity that you and your partner can enjoy together.  

The ride is kept at a slow pace, both for safety and in order for you and your partner to talk and enjoy the scenery. If neither of you have been horseback riding before, this would be a great initial experience; we’ll teach you the basics of riding and have spotters on this trip to ensure everything goes smoothly. These spotters are here to assist our riders navigate through any potential icy or wet patches. Your ride will take you on a winding journey throughout our woods and fields, a scene fit for a chivalric romance. It will be cold so it’s important to dress warm, but to help, we will be providing free hand-warmers and hot chocolate! To make sure you always remember your Valentine’s Day with us, we will have a photoshoot in which you and your partner can pose with your horses. All the photos will be emailed to you free of charge. 



Further information about our Valentine’s Day rides are available on our main website under specials. We hope this gives you a head start in planning an amazing Valentine’s Day!

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