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Horseback Trail Ride Guide 

Happy on Hooves is a trail riding farm in Hampstead Maryland. Currently we take out 120 riders a week using 10 horses. We are open for trail rides Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 to 4:30.

We are growing so we are looking to add a new member to our team of horseback trail ride guides. Ideal candidate will be comfortable around horses with a willingness to encourage new riders on the trail. This position requires a strong background in customer service and a preference will be given to outgoing, friendly, helpful, conscientious, detail oriented, tidy, prompt, thorough applicants. 

Duties Include:
Morning Feeding - feed 10 horses at 9:00am, water
Morning Barn work - Blow out barn
Tacking - Tack 5 horses with western tack 
Cleaning and Inspecting Tack - done on a bi-weekly basis
General horse first aid - attend to any scrapes or illnesses or report to manager
Greeting riders - answer any questions they have, obtain liability releases
Helmet fitting 
Mounting Instructions and assistance - pre-determined set of instructions 
Instruction to riders (both initially and on the trail) - pre-determined set of instructions
Guiding the String - 1-4 riders on a predetermined course up to 8 rides per day in busy season. Rides depart at: 10:00, 11:15, 12:30, 1:45, 3:15 and 4:30
Dismounting Instruction and assistance
Light computer entry of riders experience 
Evening Feed - Feed all 10 horses at 2:45pm
Evening Barn Work - Clean stalls (mainly stay clean since horses are usually out on trail), set up next days morning and evening feed, top off water and dump/scrub as needed
Untack - untack 5 horses
Turn-out and lock up

Must be able to complete these tasks:

Lift 50 pounds
Ride different horses
Determine health and soundness of horses before trail rides
Greet clients in friendly and welcoming manner
Keep barn in tidy order
Most importantly - generate more interest in horseback riding and make our clients' experience an enjoyable one!

If you feel that you might be a good fit for our team fill out the application below.

We are located in Hampstead MD. Would prefer someone within 10 mile radius but can be flexible with the right person.

We look forward to riding with you!

Employment Application